How Do I Sell My House Fast In California?

We Offer Cash For Your CA House In 3 Easy Steps

You don’t have to deal with realtors or wait for an approval or go through the hassle of inspections. We eliminate all the drawbacks that come with selling your house the traditional way. We simply pay in cash and buy your house as-is. 

Sell Your California Home In 3 Easy Steps!

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“Selling to Big Why Properties saved my son’s education. Our damaged house had us cornered, but their swift, fair offer and seamless process provided the lifeline we needed. Their compassion and professionalism left a deep sense of gratitude in my heart.”

Harold C. [Fontana, CA]

We Make Home Selling Easy And Hassle-Free

Selling a home can often be a complex and daunting process, filled with uncertainties and challenges. However, with the right support and guidance, it can transform into a seamless and hassle-free experience. Let us handle the details while you focus on what matters most.

But first, we want you to understand everything about how this process works.

Cash For Your House: The Details

How We Make Our Highest Possible Cash Offer For Your CA Home

Big Why Properties Simple Cash Offer Formula


In order for you to understand this we need to define some terms. 

  1. We Calculate The Home’s After Repair Value 

After Repair Value (ARV): If your property needs repairs or upgrades, we estimate the cost of these improvements and calculate the After-Repair Value (ARV). The ARV represents your property’s estimated value after all necessary renovations have been completed.

  1. We Calculate The Cost Of Repairs 

Cost of Repairs: This is the amount it will take to fix your home, making it look brand new or remodeled. After assessing your home’s condition, we calculate the repair costs, considering necessary fixes, essential renovations, and remodeling expenses.

  1. We Carefully Review & Calculate Our Selling Costs

Our Selling Costs: This is the amount we’ll need to cover when reselling your home and listing it on the market after completing all the necessary restorations. It includes agent fees, closing costs, and more. The good news is, you won’t have to worry about these expenses when you sell directly to Big Why Properties! By selling to us, you avoid all these additional costs, which typically add up to 10% of the selling price.

  1. We Include Our Minimum Profit 

Return On Investment: The profit we include in our offer is calculated based on the return on investment (ROI) required to cover our personal expenses and keep our business operations running smoothly. Nonetheless, we are committed to presenting you with the highest offer we can, as our ultimate goal is to provide you with an offer that you’ll be happy to accept! In essence, our process creates a win-win solution for everyone involved.

Our Offers Are Based On Your Home’s “After Repair Market Value”!

Here’s An Example:

  • Imagine that this is your house and you want to sell it in it’s current condition.

Quite decent, right? Well, slight refurbishment could be considered, though it’s not in bad shape. It’s simply showing its age…

  1. Let’s say you have a relative in your neighborhood that has the same exact house as yours and was able to sell his house for $150K but did some upgrades such as repainted the inside, changed the countertop to granite, updated the kitchen and bathrooms. This is what his house looks like.

We now understand that if we make similar upgrades to your house (after purchasing it from you) and bring it to comparable or better condition as your relative’s house, we can expect to sell it for $150K


Due to the current state of the house, it’s unlikely we could achieve a $300K sale price. Considering the attractiveness of neighboring homes currently for sale, it’s unlikely that buyers would be enticed by a property in lesser condition at the same price. After all, would you, as a buyer, be inclined to invest in a less appealing house at the same price as a much more attractive option? I doubt!

Let’s say you contacted an agent to assess your house in its current condition and the agent determined that your house is worth $95K as is…  

Then our contractor is done with the walk-through and determined the COR (Cost Of Repairs) is $35K

Now We Are Ready To Make An Offer!

Here are the numbers: 

As-Is Value = $95K

ARV (After Repair Value) = $150K

COR (Cost Of Repairs) = $35K

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $150K = $15K 

Let’s say Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $20K


Your Offer = $150K – $35K – $15K – $20K = $80K

Your Offer = 80K

Assessing The Offer

So, if you listed the house with an agent, you could sell it for $95K as is. However, after deducting 6% for agent fees and closing costs, you would roughly get about $87K for it, and there’s no guarantee that it will be sold right away. It may take up to 6 months on the market.

So now you have to decide.

Option 1: Secure a Guaranteed Sale at $80K in Just 10-20 Days.

Option 2: Consider a “Maybe Sale” at $87K with a Potential Closing Time of 6 Months.

Get your no-obligation all-cash offer started by simply filling out this form!
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