Greetings, I’m Kevin, the founder and chief investor of Big Why Properties LLC.

As a US Military Veteran, it is an honor to have served the people and protected and defended the soil of the United States of America.

Many moons forward, I now serve as a First Responder. My passion for helping people still exists. It is what I enjoy most, as it gives me fulfillment knowing that I am able to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Operationally, this passion, professionalism, and principles that I embody, is what me and my team have poured into BIG Why Properties LLC.

Serving the wishes and needs of homeowners wanting to relieve themselves of a burdensome property, in exchange for a fair and reasonable lump sum cash offer.

At a minimum, allow my team and me to expertly guide you through the entire process by initiating your complimentary all-cash offer, with absolutely no obligation to accept on your end.

If, for some odd reason, it does not meet our criteria and/or it does not make sense to you as a WIN-WIN deal—no worries—we will gladly offer other viable options for your consideration that may be a better fit, even if it means we won’t be working together this time around.

Rest assured, at Big Why Properties LLC, we stand confident that we can help you out and provide a swift solution accordingly.

Again, our service includes a free complimentary analysis of your home’s comparative value and disposition, so you know where you stand regarding your property.

To get started, feel free to call our direct line at (877) 537-9486, or you can complete the webform below and either myself or one of my knowledgeable team members will get back to you expeditiously.

Hence, our slogan “YOUR BIG WHY is OUR BIG BUY“